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Mathew Smith an art and portrait photographer in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Primarily a people person, (but also a cat person) he shoots photographs that capture people as they are as well as how he imagines them. Mathew believes that photographs only offer part of the truth, but never expose it in it's entirely. Instead, he believes people always keep a part of themselves that is impossible to capture.

Mathew discovered his love of photography as a child on a roadtrip across the country that transplanted him from one coast to the other. He spent that trip shooting with a tiny plastic 110 camera from the back seat of a late 80's Ford Aerostar. Later, as one of the early adopters of digital photography, Mathew found a new reason to embrace the medium.

Currently Mathew is focused on a number of projects that focus on his interest in DIY photographic experiments. It'll be fun, it always is"